Aaron Russell Wong
Aaron Russell Wong

"Tell me baby, what's your story"

Quoted from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I think it sends a good message.  And one that's fitting for an introduction.


Welcome to my blog.  This is my space, where I'll be writing my thoughts and whatever else I want to express in writing.  A lot of it is available for people to see, and you are welcome to read anything that you can find.  However, note that I refrain from making any big edits and a lot of the writing is unfiltered.  It's just easier that way and it's the way I prefer.  It sounds most like the voice I have and will remember later down the road.  I also think it also gives a bit of authenticity, I'll write as soon as I can after the event that I'm writing about so that the memory stays fresh.


I don't think my life is particularly exciting not any more so than anyone else.  But going back to the quote, anything and everything can be interesting.  It's just the perspective. I've started writing mainly for myself to look back on, but I realize that whatever stories I write might be interesting to read.  Plus, it gives you a change to catch up on some occasional entertainment that goes on in my life.


All that being said, welcome.  Point is, everyone has their own futures, presents, and trails they've left behind them.  This is how I choose to show my trail, and I hope that mine is interesting enough for people to follow behind.  I here, please enjoy the my stories and whatever else I have going on in my life.




Aaron Wong

Simon Fraser University

Beedie School of Business 


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