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Tuesday April 28th, 2015


Exactly 1 week ago, 168 hours ago, I was writing my final exam for BUS 237.  Now I'm writing this from a common room in a building where I've moved twice, in a town where I've worked two shifts already.  The past few weeks, month even, has passed by very quickly.


Lets start at the beginning, the last I wrote I hadn't written any finals yet.  I applied for a job at Lake Louise, but I wasn't sure if I was going to take it or not.  I wouldn't have been able to predict any of my marks, I probably wouldn't have started studying either.


I wrote my LING and 312 exam first respectively, the LING one being a two-hour exam and 312 being a three-hour.  They both went alright, I didn't feel broken by the end of it, but then again I never really feel that way after exams.  I remember the 312 exam was especially hard, even with open book, there were lots of concepts and such that I struggled with.


After that, I had a BUS 237 exam, probably the most deceptively tough exam out of the three.  It didn't seem too difficult, but it had a ~63% average, lower than what the professor had hoped for although it's not a big deal.  I remember multiple choice being brutal, the written questions weren't too bad, but they could have been marked strictly.


I got the marks back, I did alright, the highest term GPA so far so I'm happy about that.  The marks came pretty quick, I wasn't expecting them to be out until at least now.


The couple days I had between finishing exams was filled with prep stuff before I left for Lake Louise.  Bought some groceries, set up a new bank account and visited a couple teachers.  The visits were nice, I hadn't seem those teachers in a while so it was nice to catch up.  I'm sure I'll end up giving them updates from here in a while, now that I've written it I have to do it.


The drive from Vancouver to here was long.  It was probably around a 10 hour drive total, including breaks in between, through the Coquihalla, through Merritt, Salmon Arm, Kamloops, Revelstoke, all these towns I've definitely heard about, but never been to or knew where it was.  I guess you don't notice the super gradual incline, I learned today that the base of Lake Louise Village is around 5000 feet above sea level.  Up on the mountain where the lodge is something like 5700ft.


I mentioned moving twice, the first night I came in I was in a temporary room for a couple nights.  This was alright to meet some people in the other room, but it sucked that I couldn't unpack all my stuff and really get settled in.  Now I'm in a better, more permanent room so it's pretty sweet, I've got all my clothes in drawers and everything.  I set up some personal stuff too, a file to track expenses on food and how much I'm working and everything.  Things are looking good for the next little bit, just have to learn the job some more and get used to living around here.


Until next time then,




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