Aaron Russell Wong
Aaron Russell Wong

End of Term

April 11th 2015


I just had my last day of classes this past Thursday.  Had a break day Friday, and now I have to get to studying.  But first, I feel like writing or else I know I won't get to it for a while.


Yesterday's break day was great though.  Didn't do any school work at all, just played Halo all day, updated some of my times on haloruns, talked over a bit of job stuff with my family, but otherwise it was nice.  Speedrunning on easy is fun, it's nicer than legendary right now, although I've done more 'go here' missions rather than 'kill things'.  It's fun to see my times all laid out and my points growing.  With some full-game runs, I can probably be in the top 150.  It's really fun.  Addicting too, it seems like.


The last 2-3 weeks of school were definitely the most stressful.  Week 12 was especially bad, I counted and I had a total of 29% spread throughout my 3 classes all from assignments and quizzes and one group project.  Still a lot, I was also applying for jobs that week and had to meet up with my group for the project, lot of stuff going on.  But now it's the end of week 13, and I have no more classes to attend.  So I've got that going. 


Overall, the term went alright.  Went by quickly, lot of work to be done, 312 was no joke and 237 had a lot of miscellaneous assignments and what not.  LING wasn\t spectacular, I didn't enjoy the prof as much and the material was mediocre, something I wouldn't be surprised to forget the details on a week after the exam.  But overall not too bad, made a couple friends, met some new people, hung around a bit with old friends.  Decent.


We had this group project for 237 that I hope we did ok on.  Doing so would give me possibly one of my best marks in a business class, so I'd be really happy with that.  312 I'm also hoping to do well, my midterm mark was good, possibly one of the best marks I've ever gotten on a midterm so we'll see how I do no the final and see how it goes.  LING is an easy mark to calculate on Excel because it's not curved or scales, so that makes me feel a bit more at ease, being able to see how well I need to do on the final to achieve a mark.  To get the mark I want is definitely doable, I just have to bust a move before the final.  Of course, easier said than done.


Onwards to finals week I suppose.  Best of luck if you're preparing for something too.


Aaron Wong

Simon Fraser University

Beedie School of Business 


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