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December 17th 2014


Last time I wrote, it was September 17th, exactly 3 months ago.  Damn, I had really wished I had written more... A lot of has happened since then, I'd really with I had some documented proof so I could remember it.  But I feel like writing something, so here it goes.


Right now I'm watching a livestream of a halo speedrun.  I've gotten really into watching speedruns, multiplayer, just overall a lot of halo gameplay on twitch.tv.  Ever since the MCC came out, there's been lots of traffic on it on the web, and it's great.  I've played The Walking Dead Game as well, that was a fun story.  One of those games you wish you could play for the first time again.  There are other games I'd like to play on the Xbox One eventually that just came out, Shadow of Mordor looks really good, Sunset Overdrive as well, and I recently saw that it's cheap on craigslist now.  But Christmas is coming up, so money should be saved for gifts and dinners and whatever.  Video games will have to wait.


School just ended, I've gotten almost all of my marks.  This semester, I waited to look at my marks so the most of them would be out rather than looking for each individual mark.  Otherwise you're just looking every hour, it's too stressful.  I had managed to help some people with marks, they've seemed happy about it, so I'm happy I could help.


I just bought these super cool gifts for a couple of my friends, and one for myself.  I don't want to spoil what it is on the super low probability that they do see this, but it's a good gift.  At least I think so. 


Until next time...


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