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Aaron Russell Wong


February 16th 2015


About once a week, when I'm scratching my head or face or something, sometimes there will be a little splinter of hair that gets stuck in my finger.  It's really annoying, but it's normally pretty easy to get out.  Either it's sticking out enough that it's easy to get with tweezers or if I'm too lazy to move, pocket pliers.  Otherwise, I'll have to keep my finger in a bit of water to soften up the skin first, and then remove the splinter.  Doesn't hurt, but it's annoying


Over reading break, I caught up on a couple shows and movies that I had missed.  And watched video game gameplay, Now, I'm not a music genius or anything, I listen to a lot but in the grand scheme of things, I'm not familiar with all too much.  Watching all that old original stuff (music that wasn't created for that show/game/piece) really makes me want to listen to more music.  There are songs that someone knew that can math up perfectly with the scene that's going on, and they're good songs that I've, and probably the majority of the watchers, would never have herad otherwise.  Like, how is it that some people have such a library of songs they know that they can fit one to fit a very specific mood?  Obviously that's someone's job, they have to spend a lot of time doing that for money, but still.  Music's hard.


There's been these little flies around our house for a while now.  They're small but pesky to kill, and they somehow keep coming back.  I'm down to killing maybe 2-3 a day.  They mostly come out at night, and it's been going on for maybe around 2 weeks so far.  Pretty annoying, 


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