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Aaron Russell Wong


January 31st 2015


The other day on the bus, I was talking to this guy from my 237 class on the bus ride up to Burnaby campus.  Andre, exchange student from Slovakia I think, nice guy, and pleasant company for a ride that normally gives me a headache by the end of it.


He seems a little bit older, maybe like 23?  He's here for 4 months just to take a exchange term, and then he goes back home and does one more school term where he has to write this crazy thesis.  But otherwise, just here for fun, for the experience.  He definetly recommended me doing an exchange, which is something I'd thought of myself.  I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about exchanges.


He asked me about any must-see attractions in Vancouver.  Come to think of it, with the lackluster snow season there's not anything you totally have to do, especially being in school and doing classes.  Although on an exchange term, you're only marked on a pass/fail basis, takes a bit of school stress out of the way.  Still, takes up time.


But I found it hard to recommend stuff.  Sushi, hiking...biking around Stanley Park?  All fun things, but I guess I found it hard to think of stuff on the spot.  I guess museums?  There's probably tons of food to have...japadogs would be new, probably.  I guess just exploring might be the best way to go, because I'm clearly not an expert on Vancouver tourism.


That's it really, just felt like writing something.  I unfortunately have a lot of work to do this weekend.  312 quiz and assignment, 237 presentation,.... :(



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