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Lost iPod

January 25th, 2015


Now this happened not too long ago, but since I'm lazy I delayed writing about it.  This happened maybe 2 weeks ago, Tuesday January 13th.  Lucky 13.


This story starts with textbooks.  Because it's the beginning of the semester, a lot of students, myself included, are buying and selling their textbooks.  I generally like to sell my old books at a lower price, just so I can for sure get rid of them.  I'd much rather have to take $10 less and not have to worry about selling the book ever again over keeping a higher price and potentially still have the book.  Since new editions come out all the time, it's just not worth it to me to keep a book an extra semester if necessary.  Anyways, so I had some people I had to sell my books to.  I had their numbers and was ready to go.


On Tuesdays, I have a late class at Burnaby from 5:30-7:20.  I had arranged to meet up with two different people, one at 5 and one at like 5:20.  I really didn't want to be late for my 5:30 class.  The 5 o'clock deal went by smoothly, I sold my book, the guy was waiting around, no problems at all.  I knew what room the 5:20 person had, so I decided to wait around outside the room.  It was 10601 Blusson hall, right next to the bus looks so there was tons of people waiting either for busses, friends, whatever.  I'm listening to my music, hanging around, waiting to notice the person.


I had sent a text to the person, but no response until like 5:25, when they called me.  So, I got up on the phone looking for the person, a little bit stressful because of so many people being around and I really didn't want to be late for my class.  After like a minute of searching, I found the person, bought my book and went off to my class.  Walking in to my class, I realized that when the person called, I must have left my iPod where I was sitting.  Welp, that sucks.


Now, I plan to start looking for a new phone when I either break or lose either my current phone or iPod.  I don't really want to do that because it's a little bit of extra work and I don't want to spend the money.  But at the time, I'm convinced I'd have to do this, so I started listing off the apps I remember so I can go back to them later.  I'm also not too happy at this point, not able to focus on class.


At 7:20 when my class was done, I had one more textbook to buy, so I bought that, no problem.  Afterwards, I figured I'd go to lost & found to check if someone had returned my iPod.  I wasn't expecting it to, it had only been a couple hours, but on the other hand the iPod is is pretty unsteal-worthy shape with a password on it.  Physically, it's held by tape.  Internally, it crashes every now and then and can't play video.  Twitch works fine though.


At the lost & found office, I asked the guy if he anyone had returned it, and it turned out someone did.  That's amazing.  I had to sign a couple things and describe it without seeing it first, but that was well worth it to have music back at the ready.


I'm definitely grateful to the person who returned it.  I kind of wish I could thank them, maybe buy them a drink or something since they're probably good people, but I'll never know.  Oh well.  I hope that person is satisfied,  I sure am.


Guess I won't be thinking about a new phone for a little bit longer.




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