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Sunday Sesh

Tuesday, June 9th 2015


I have made, and in the process of making a mistake in the favour of fun.


But really, who hasn't been there?


It all started with one of the girls I live with, she sent someone to buy a small pool and she filled it up with water.  She let some people know about it by sticking this paper on the every unit doors, and went ahead and filled the pool with some water.  When it was first filled, the water was ice cold.  All of our tap water comes from glaciers around here so that makes sense, but after some boiling water was put in, people eventually started piling into this pool.  


I suppose it's a rare occurence to have a bunch of young adults all in a small pool, small enough that you can't move without bumping someone.  So, cars that would drive by (to do a u-turn, 90% of the time) would pause a little longer than usual, probably to see what were doing.  No big deal, friends were drinking, it can sometimes be fun to be an anomaly, different enough that some people want to stop and take pictures. 


Eventually, people started to pewter out and get some food.  This was earlier than when I normally eat dinner, but no big deal.  I ended up using a bunch of leftover ingredients I had, and made food for some of my friends who were a bit more tired and could have used the food more.  Quality food, I just wish it was a bit later.  I got hungry earlier, which I guess is sort of a mistake because I was at work and couldn't eat as easily.


After dinner, people were outside again, hanging around and talking, passing the ball around or whatever.  I brought out my tennis balls and showed some juggling and people seemed to enjoy that.  That was fun, I showed off a couple tricks I know and for the people that were drinking, they were really tripped out.  Eventually, I stopped juggling and people started to through the balls around at eachother.  That was a little bit tough, I had to watch where all 3 tennis balls because people were throwing them across the street and up to the patio and whatever.  The balls are all dirty now.  Worth it though, dirty in the name of fun.


That night I had work, so that was ok.  All my individual work went well and I didn't have any guest complaints so I'm happy about that.  The last hour of the shift was a little busy though, had a couple people to check out and some guy left his wallet at the front desk.  We tried to find his car and call him, but it was an international phone number so that ran into some issues.  No big deal though, part of the job.


That morning after work, I went for a ~5 hour hike.  Only got around 2 hours of sleep that "night", but I held my own.  The hike was fun, it was the Plain of Six Glaciers and I found it different from the other hikes I've done.  It's pretty well a straight line away from Lake Louise, so the view behind you is just Lake Louise and the Chateau getting further and farther away.  There's no trees around either, it's litteraly just fields of rock around with the bare sun against you.  I got a bit burned but David got the worst of it.  He said working the next morning was one of the worst shifts he's had.  


Something I especially like about the hike is the small streams that you pass on the way.  Although those may not be there all the time because the glaciers are melting as it's the beginning of the season, there's places to splash water on your face or back, or refill on water if you're feeling desperate.  And there's a fair few of them.  Maybe like 5 total?


We got lots of pictures though of us having fun, messing around of rocks (beause there's roughly a billion) and taking a couple safe shortcuts.  We decided to go all the way to the lookout point, which is approximately 1.5km away from the teahouse, the usual end destination for hikers.  In my opinion, the lookout wasn't worth it, but we managed to see a minor avalanche so that was pretty cool.  Make the lookout worth it, but for anyone else it's pretty hit or miss.  Based on the probability of an avalanche happening, I wouldn't say it's worth the extra effort.  The trail to the lookout isn't totally maintained, and it's all narrow with a small incline.  Not great.


The teahouse was good though.  Expensive, but it's a local business so I don't have a problem supporting it.  It's in a good location too, they have a washroom there, and there's enough benchs for people to sit around as a break or eat their own food.  Not a lot of selection at the restaurant though,  I was aiming for a sandwich with at least meat in it, but I had to settle for a tuna salad sandwich.  They gave us some information on the back of menus, the teahouse employees have to hike up twice a week to bring up fresh food, and they bring less perishable, dry food from a helicopter every couple weeks.


On the way back, I befriended a couple squirrels too.  It might have been the tuna they smelled, but those mountain ground squirrels are fearless.  I was close enough to literally grab it, it was sniffing my hand.  I tried to pet it a little bit, but the little guy freaked out when my finger touched his squirrel chin.  Also at the start of the hike, we saw this small black animal, almost the size of a cat, chasing a ground squirrel.  I think it was a pine martin, maybe another kind of mountain, black pine martin but either way, it looked cool.  "Look, a thing!" as David said.  There was lots of rock climbers, climbing rock faces too that we passed.  There's a horse trail that runs parallel the walking trail so we passed a horse too as well.  Finally, we saw one guy walking through the marshes of Lake Louise barefoot with a log he would carry to use as a bridge.  Although he probably wouldn't have needed it, him behing barefoot and all.  Later on, we saw that he had set up a tent.  And after that, we saw him whip out his acoustic guitar.  A stranger fellow, but to each their own.  He wouldn't be there if he wasn't having a good time, so to each their own.


It was a good couple days.  Although I didn't get too much sleep, I had fun, my young, semi-active body could handle it and I never felt like I was in danger frome exhaustion or otherwise.  I would have called it quits if I did.  In fact, I was considering another hike today, but that would have really been rough.  I ended up sleeping for around 14 hours, enough for two days worth of sleep so i'm good not.  I took a maintenance day, did some laundry, made some food, bought some food, just usual weekend stuff.  Back to normal, and back to work tomorrow night.


Here's so another weekend well spent,



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