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Crunch Week

Thursday March 19th 2015


I say week, but it should really be longer than that, depending on what sort of exam/assignment schedule you have going on.  For me it was more spread out, but for simplicity I'll just say 'week', rather than 'month' or 'season'.  Just sounds more right to me.  Week is probably the minimum amount of time.


I understand 'Crunch Week' as the week where you have an exam, maybe another that week too, maybe even another the week afterwards.  Maybe you have some assignments and such also going on.  It's the stressful period during the term where you have to manage going to classes and studying for those exams in those classes, generally lasting for 1-3 weeks once or twice a semester.


This semester I have it spread out, I had 3 midterm in consecutive weeks before today, and i have 3 more major assignments and projects for upcoming 3 weeks.  I'm in a bit of break week now.  But it doesn't really feel like a break, just because I got off 3 weeks of studying, it's a strange mood to be in to when you know you have to do it again really soon.  


On top of that, I suppose I'll hae to start studying for finals sometime.  But my next few weeks really don't look too good, week 12 is especially bad.  It's strange, you get into the rhythm of doing something that you don't realize how fast the semester has gone by.  And it's almost done now, only a little more than a month before I'm done my last final.


I'm at school right now, so I'm gonna get off so I can do some stuff for one of my assigments next week.  Untin then, see ya later.



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