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Settling In

Monday May 11th, 2015


I've been living in Lake Louise for a little after two weeks.  Definitely feels longer, I can't imaging what I'll be feeling like in October for shutdown.  That's what they call it, when the lodge closes for the season.  But that's still a ways away.  For now, lets go over the past couple weeks.


Living situation has been good.  I went out to buy groceries with some people to Cranbrook, a nearby town with an actual Safeway and McDonalds and other chain busiensses.  I bought a bunch of groceries, but I'm gearing up to go again this week to stock up again.  Meat and eggs seem to disapplear quickly.

In terms of work, I've been training/shadowing all the different types of shifts.  I did a couple AM shifts to start from 7am-3pm, learning how to check people out as well as just get used to the lodge and the staff and the guests.  After that, I went on to PM shifts from 3pm to 11pm where I learned to check people in, get people to fill in their cards and everything.  Finally, for the past week I've been working night shifts from 11pm-7am, learning how to do all the audit stuff.  I'm all alone now, and will be for the most part.


I really haven't found working nights all too bad.  My general routine has been for the first day of night shift, sleep as much as possible during the day and just chill out, avoid expelling energy because you'll need it to sart working during the night.  After that shift, I'll go home and sleep pretty well right away and try and sleep.  To put in perspective, the shift ends at 7am, I'll try to be asleep by 8am, and sleep as much as i can going forward because I know it'll be harder to sleep later on in the day when there's sunlight and you may not necessarily be tired.  Lately, I've been able to sleep until 12-1pm, which is around 4-5 hours of rest.  I'll then get up, eat some stuff then try to get some rest again and wake up again at 4-5pm.  After that I'll make some dinner eat some stuff, hang out with people if I'm feeling like it, and get ready for work.  It's not too hard, it's systematic and as long as I end up getting around 7 hours of sleep minimum, I'll be ok during the shift.


I've been running more, so that's been good.  This is a nice place to run around, it's all flat and there's landmarks like the village and rec center that you can use as checkpoints.  I'm hoping to go hiking a bit more in the future during the summer months, but I've been having to adjust my new lifestyle.  That definitely comes first.


There's been a whole influx of people that have come in, or are coming in soon.  There's people here from all over, and it's fun to meet them and just get to know everyone and how they ended up here.  Generally, people find this place to be sort of an escape, a chance to make a bit of money and live away from whatever problems, or expectations they left back home.  Some choose to celebrate the place in different ways, some people drink, some go hiking, but generally everyone sort of has an acceptance of eachother.  I do at least, we all chose to come here, so we might as well make the most of it.  Take advantage of that diversity in culturalism.


And on that note, that's enough writing for now.  I start working night shifts alone on Wednesday, and then work 5 days until next Monday, so I'll try to write again if I have any stories.


Until then,



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