Aaron Russell Wong
Aaron Russell Wong


September 17th, 2014


Hey, it's been a while.


So I have this counter, it's underneath my signature.  It's supposed to count every time someone visits the website.  Today it broke 500.  First off, let's do some math.


I don't remember the exact day this website was started (I could probably find out by looking at emails, but not now), but let's just say it was on August 21st, 2014.  That makes 27 days between then and now.  500/27 is around 18 visits per day.  Now granted that I visit myself a couple times a day, either to write private stuff or just make sure everything still exists, it's still interesting to think that people are coming here.


That's all really, thanks for the views.



Aaron Wong

Simon Fraser University

Beedie School of Business 


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