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Aaron Russell Wong


September 2nd, 2014


Welp, I forgot how many people go to SFU.


There's so many people at campus, it's unreal.  I forgot how crowded it can be, even though the hallways are massive, the big lecture halls are crowded, and the busses as well.  Reminds me that I'll have to be standing on the bus, like some sort of commoner.  Worse, everyone has their bags and their coats, umbrellas....busing kinda sucks.  I'm gonna have to invest in an umbrella.  I was looking at quality ones, but I just haven't put in the time to go to a store and get one.  I might need a new coat as well, for the fall.  The one I have now it alright, but it's long and there's a dark spot where my backpack rubs against.  I was looking to get a shorter one, maybe not necessarily a lighter one, but a smaller, more portable one.


Went to my first classes today, I suppose I have to get used to being in classes again.  It feels somehow more serious now, not that taking classes in the Summer or Spring is a joke, but maybe it's the atmosphere of there being a billion people at school.  I think I'll enjoy the higher level classes though...my first class of the day, ENGL 105 was filled with first years, and I don't want to sound condescending, but the intro class was such a boring class.  Not to be hard, but it was probably the first university class ever for a lot of people in that class, so I can understand the position, but still, I can be annoyed.  My next classes went better, more people I know, and the professor's are more comfortable jumping in to the material with less introduction.  That's great.


I don't have many breaks, none really save for if classes end early for some reason.  This has caused a problem, because there's no good time where I can eat my lunch and listen to music in the middle of anything.  It's not much of a problem now, but that could potentially be a hurdle later on, when courses get tougher and you have to focus a lot during class.  


I've made nicely laid out binders for each of my classes.  I've writen all important exam dates in my planner, and written what material will be covered in each week for all of my classes.  I'm feeling ready for school, I just have to start putting in the time to start learning the material and such.  Hopefully, my GPA will rise thie time around.  And I know that's not the only important thing, but that's a story for another time.  But, having a higher GPA will open up more doors later on.  I just hope I haven't screwed myself and have the door closed too quickly, where It's too late for me to catch up.  


Ended on a bit of a sour note there...Things are good, really they are.  I'm ready for classes, teeth are pretty much back to normal, nothing's messed up, things are fine.  Until next time.




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