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Aaron Russell Wong


September 4th, 2014


So I had school today, and I was going to take the bus home like normal.  As fall buses go, I had to stand up, but it's not really a big deal.  After passing BCIT bus station, at least I was on the bus, but more on that later.  So I was riding the 135 like normal, and when I got off at Willingdon like I normally do, I ran into one of my friends who I hadn't talked to for a while.  We walked and talked along the way, and I was going to catch the 130 to Metrotown.  Things were fine, we were hanging out, no problems here.


When I got on the bus, we were fine until we passed BCIT.  Seeing the BCIT bus loops, SFU's are so much better that I feel I can't complain about it anymore.  There's only 2 buses that go by there, and even though the 130 is fairly frequent, there's still a long line of people waiting to get on.  It's on the road as well, it's not like a separate bus only area, there are cars and traffic lights going on and it's just busy.  But back to the story.


The bus I was on was also one of those sensor automatic door bus, so every now and then someone will lean too close to the door and it will trigger open.  I happened to be sitting next to someone who could have potentially gotten very angry.  I glanced over, she was reading some self help, 'don't sweat stuff you can't control' stuff on her phone, so good for her I suppose.  By this point the bus was pretty full, and this guy keeps triggering the door open and bus wont start.  The lady kept kinda passively telling the guy to move so the bus can start.  I was worried she was gonna call him out loudly or something, but thankfully she didn't.  That could have been uncomfortable.  We're all kinda cramped on the bus anyways, no reason to make things more uncomfortable.


This also stopped me from getting off near Willingdon and Price, because the bus was still really full and it would be a struggle to get off.  Plus, if I had gotten off and the lady had yelled at the guy, that would have sucked for everyone else, and I felt like I didn't want to risk that.  So i just stayed on to Metrotown, no big deal.  When we were pulling in to the bus loop, I saw the 129 was at the stop, ready to go.  So as soon as I got off the 130, I walked quickly to catch that bus before I left.  I got on the 129, and it started to go.  However, instead of turning right like normal, it turned left.  Now I thought this was strange, I was sure I got on the 129, and I know there were some system changes, but nope, the bus kept going on another route.  I got off shortly afterwards, I was on the 144.  No idea how I messed that up, but by this point I wanted to get home.  I got off near Marlborough, and just walked home from there.  Not too difficult, but it did take a toll on my commute time, and I'm more annoyed that I got on the wrong bus.


Also sold a book today, so that's another $70 cash that I have.  Woohoo.




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